Do Not Give Up

Stopping, turning away. Give up trying. Afraid of what could be. Don’t listen to those who might know the answer. Thinking you are facing the situation alone. Running away from that which you do not understand.

Don’t give up. Take the focus off your thinking of you just for a while. There’s  ways to learn. They are listening. Opening your mind which wants to refuse learning. Don’t be afraid to ask… There you will see and understand . Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot learn. They are just like one who puts a stumbling block in front of you so that you will fall emotionally to the floor of giving up.

You and I  can learn. Some is quicker than others. I have found that out on my path of learning. Just don’t give up. If you must, try to start at the beginning again and see where you need to learn. You just might find the answer to that problem in which you had difficulty.

Giving up is like dying.

Is that what you want to do?