Now Is the time for change.

The change within us.

Spiritual living in God’s mercy and Guidness.

Close your eyes and breath slowly.

With your eyes closed you will begin to see and feel peacefulness of what God has for you.

Listen to him in your body and soul. It will seem to draw you away from life’s selfishness, hatefulness.

God told us that He is there for us.

His soft voice saying it’s ok.

I am here with you.

We must believe in hope for every day we are given.

The love of God will help us through.

I know it is not easy.

But each time we are given a momentby Him.

Our concern seems to become nothing… Not worth the troubles.

Which seemed to pull us down.

Taking little steps in giving all our trials to Him.

Will  become stronger in our love and faith, in our beloved Lord And Savior.


Written by

Victoria A Witt

Febuary 25, 2017