A Moment

Right now this moment is calm.

No fighting, no worries. Just this moment.

Could it continue? It could if we begin to believe… believe in ourselves.

Gather others who seek this moment. Just start at the beginning; right now.

We are the ones who have that moment in our minds.

Learn the feeling of peace… sweet peace. It’s right within your soul.

Don’t feel you are alone, because your not.

Many have this moment.

Can we create a new life on earth by beginning to care for each other?

Begin to have Peace, that is what is needed in this world right now… this moment.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

May 24, 2017


Empty Page

Page of no meaning, no words.

Minds thinking and wondering if there is something that could help one to tell their own story; of their life on this page of void.

It Could start with life Long ago; The growing up and learning how life should be.

It’s like an adventure exploring new ideas. The question lies within the mind. Ask yourself if you can make the difference?

I have been there and I still have many stories I could tell.

Of happiness and some sadness. Some winning. Some loosing. But I know that through it all I will learn and grow to be what I can be.

You too have challenges. You will deal with them in the way you can.

Remember you are not alone. We need each other to help us all.

May you find the hope and place to help one another.

And start another page of life.

Written By

Victoria A Witt

March 20, 2017

You Can Be Yourself

In this world of today it seems that one must follow others to achieve trying to fit in. To be someone else they are not. You find out the harder you try to be someone else it just is not you. Struggling and fighting within.  It is not easy. What to do is heavy in thought. What is the answer, how can it be solved?  The answer is being yourself. You ask how. A change in thought and focus. Take the time for you… No one else just you. Study who you are. Maybe a teacher, writer, artist and many more discovery of thing you did not know you could do in this world. Yes you can make the difference. You are very important just being yourself.

Could Be A Dream

Seeing beautiful clear sky with hope beyond. A field of gold. Trees of many fruits. Sounds of soft music. Fluttering near butterflies of many colors. Wild flowers many shapes and sizes. A comfortable to lean back to rest in peace. Pole in hand preparing to catch the biggest fish that wonders to your meal for the day. The sun shines upon you. Your best fishing buddy next to you. Talking about what was and what is. Who will catch the first one. Hum.. Fish dinner  is on your mind. Happy is the time. Taking dinner home is the goal.  

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )



Sadness upon a sheet of press wood.

White as it lays with letter formed.

Words expressing the daily news.

Today this.

Today that.

Killing and death.

When will it end?

My tears drop like rain upon this press wood

of paper.

So white it lays.

So dirty it becomes.

Will it bring forth  possibilities of hope

of our future?

Or will our future be as though it is not here?

Just today…

Just Today.


Awake my love.

This is a new day.

Do not waste it by your sleeping.

Open your eyes and think what you will do for encouragement. Building a stature to show what you can do for self and others around you.  How your emotion of life will reflect to others around you positive or negative emotions. How you live each day will grow and  prosper.




Written By Victoria Witt ( 2016 )


Pass life can be good or bad. I had a little bit of a life that had many turns in it. But I decided to not let it stop me living. Some of my pass cause me a lot of withdraw; mental pain. But I came to a thought that would change my way of thinking. I see in my mind’s eyes a big eraser. and I just erase that terrible past that kept me not wanting to go on with life of freedom. I soon could see with many who cared for me. That I was not living a positive life. Thanks to all who helped me. I beat that kind of self-pity. Just by imagining a big eraser. I can now live and not feel lifeless. There is a purpose fo us all if we take time and stop to see what we can be in this world.