Love, life.

Beauty beyound your vision within the mind.

Water following earth’s vains.

Saying within…

Life lives in me, look and see within me.

Growth; roots holding on… not letting go.

Give me a chance to show you possibilities of a dreams

coming true.


Written By

Victoria A. Witt




Peace Of Life

Setting still with closed eyes.

Calming the storm that is going on in your soul and in your mind.

Like slowly breathing in and slowly exhaling out those bad memories.

Seeing with your mind’s eye that the storm is going Away from your mind

Listen, you can hear within you songs you had loved to sing because of the happiness it bring within your soul.

Your heartbeat going along like a musical instruments of a drum, each beat is in time as you live life given.

Sing away in your soul, sing away with your voice the words of peace, peace. Sun is shining upon you like that as a spot light on a stage right at you.

You are swaying back and forth.

Entertaining the rhythm of your soul by humming soft beautiful songs of peace.

Written by Victoria A Witt

July 16, 2017


A Moment

Right now this moment is calm.

No fighting, no worries. Just this moment.

Could it continue? It could if we begin to believe… believe in ourselves.

Gather others who seek this moment. Just start at the beginning; right now.

We are the ones who have that moment in our minds.

Learn the feeling of peace… sweet peace. It’s right within your soul.

Don’t feel you are alone, because your not.

Many have this moment.

Can we create a new life on earth by beginning to care for each other?

Begin to have Peace, that is what is needed in this world right now… this moment.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

May 24, 2017

Emotion In My Mind

Wondering distance near or far.

Emotion in my mind.

Should I escape or face the challenge that is given me trying and exceeding.

I do not want to be a looser.

But gain positiveness in my life.

To believe in myself.

I can learn, I can succeed.

Bring hope again trying to believe in who I am.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

March 9, 2017

Seeing With Eyes Of Love

Love comes in many ways; many forms.

Through feeling special for someone.

Appreciating what one has.

Admiring beauty when it is with you.

Look and see the things that are right in front of you.

Simple things like a new born,  who is reaching out to you.

Those who are there for you when you need guidness.

The blooming flowers that are near and far.

Moments that will impress your memories for later time.

You ask who gives you this special love?

It is GOD


Written  by

Victoria A. Witt

Febuary  26, 2017

Dangerous Life

Walking where we never travel before. A walk that could change one’s life in question. Do I dare to travel into that trail of unquestable why? You are there. Now a fork in the path of what we are traveling. Our choice, our reason. Are  we to make the right choice. We stand still. Minutes go by. Second. We choose the easy way. Going forward not regretting . For we will be strong and responsible for what will be ahead. Are we ready? Are we going to make it right or wrong? Will we be right?

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )

Only Me

Only one of me. Traveling the adventure of life. Facing many challenges. Questions about many tomorrows. What if, why didn’t. Only I will make the difference. This is my call in life to make it change, bad or good will be the results. Many will suggest many ways to make a difference. Will I follow or will I decide on my own?  Only I know that answers. The goods results which progress positive results. Only I will see the results within myself. I will grow. I will prosper. I will guide.

For  God will lead. Written by Victoria Ann Witt ( 2016 )