The Little Things

You know nature is a teacher; in many ways.
We should listen, look around and study little thing that normally you would pay no attention to. Life is so special. We are so tender in mind and spirit within. Let us know how things around us. Happiness, sadness, love, hate. So many emotion within us; stir and mix. Some good and some bad. Yes our life can be complicated. But on the other side of it. Life can be a challenge. I do have them myself. Everyone does. If you think you don’t your just fooling yourself. Face your problem, do better for yourself. You are important… I am important. Just stop and take a look around you and see the  little things that Our Heavenly Father gave us to be comfort by.

Written From My Heart With Love and Care For Everyone

Vicki A Witt Horner
December 11, 2017


Your Stamp Is In My Heart

 Impression, memories.

Both give a hope of a change; always a chance to make a difference in one life. Mountains of life’s challenges are always facing one who must climb slowly not looking back. Oh yes that is very hard. We tend to not forgive ourself for all that destruction we I’d in our life. It can easily be taken away. No one can escape it.

   Where do we start to make the change? What about now. Yes we’ll lose our stepping and fall. But get back up and keep trying. Never give up. Yes somethings will leave a scar on our soul. But just take Today and begin again.

Look beyond self. Be fill with hope and joy. Appreciate what has been given you… Life,precious life. Will you be able to make a difference to one self ?

Written by Victoria A Witt

( June 14, 2017 )




Cold Soul

Feeling nothing.

Feeling alone. This is in the mind of those who have nothing to live for.

How sad to feel nothing.

There is hope if one believe they are important. They have a purpose. Must stop feeling so cold.

Your soul is wanting to reach out to make a place. To help others feel they are important.

All of us are here for helping, holding, caring, wanting.

To begin a new adventure of importants.

We all have a purpose.

Or we become like a  Cold Soul.

Don’t give up.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

March 14, 2017

Cry No More

No tears.

No happiness is there in my heart.

No more will I see happiness.

Being free has become real to me. I want to be happy. I want to have peace in my mind and heart, could that happen?  

I believe it can and will be real to me.

I ask you, does that seem real to you and all you want.

Forget, forget the awful past. You can begin now. Go forward and believe in yourself. It will be hard.

But first of all … Forgive yourself. Yes it is hard. But I found out one can forgive them self one minute, one second, that feeling which you can do. Love yourself. You are worth every bit of time you give yourself.  Do not compare yourself to others. You are one of a kind and very important to yourself.  Just believe and do not give up on yourself. You are very special to you.

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )

Ocean of Strength

Waves of power which clash against the rocky shores. I watch while setting in the distance. The mist of the air in which  comes upon my face, awakens me to reality that I am free. As I look beyond the horizon. The question comes to mind. Is that where I should be? Then suddenly an answer comes to me. You are where you are.

Written by. Victoria A. Witt ( 2016 )


Freedom, what is freedom? Is it letting go of self? Is it not caring for us? Not caring about others around us; No worries.  To tell you the truth, there is many worries.  But we cannot solve all by ourself.  It takes sometimes; team work; those who have the same concern. Why do we try to do it on our own?  Sometimes we must admit and face the truth..we need each other. We are not perfect in ourself. We will grow together in knowledge. Not in selfish goals. There will be pride that will be beyond oneself. Too much pride that goes above you. Forgetting where you came from. Be a gift to others with encouragement that they can go forward with their dreams.

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )