In My Heart

In my heart I feel so sad on how everything is going in the precious world that God our Heavenly Father gave us to nurture, taking care of all His beautiful creation. I mean all of us. We need to stop and take a deep look at ourself. Are we the cause of all this destruction in the world? Can we alone make the difference to make the world a better place? Praying for all our leaders who want peace, God’s peace, Love, God’s love, 
Harmony, God’s Harmony.
We all need to quit trying to find fault, it is there. But let us all realize we all are not perfect, not one of us. But if we strive and work together for the good of all. How wonderful this world could be.
 Again pray for our leaders so that they can go forward with confident in all they must do for our Countries, please pray and ask God to forgive you as He has done me.
 May we all look to God for Guiudness….His guidness and see a great change in us and the world, amen. 
May our Great God Bless this world that we live in, that God has blessed Us All with.


                                                        Written by Victoria A Witt

September 3, 2017



It is hard to say goodbye.

Many way it is said.

In songs of  Sorrowful sounds. In writings of many words of sadness.

A door that close behind one with out a word. Walking away, the steps are so slow.

Yes goodbyes seems to be last of fair wells.

Could it be different, could it be changed?

What’s in the heart that wants that to be a claim.

Like walking forward, forgetting the past.

One step,one moment,one thought, that might make the difference.

No more goodbyes but open arms welcoming to say hello.

A friend you become again.

New hope.

New learning of each other’s.

 Written by Victoria A Witt

 July 2, 2017


I Have A Beautiful Vision

I have a vision of hope, love and caring for others.

I hope that my vision will live on.

A path of calmness in mind and soul.

It’s like following a trail that just keep going on;

No end is to be found.

Just a trail to walking on with hopes and dreams of possibilities.

The reason it doesn’t end is because the path is in you.

What are your dreams, hope of the future?

Will they build one up who is down?

Will you be a stumbling stone to cause others to fall?

Yes we are the beginning of life; To bring forth good possibilities.

To build up hope to those who feel they are not important.

Yes it is a challenge.

Let us work together not alone, but together.

Hopes and dreams will become real in their time.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

May 18, 2017


Words are so important. What words do I mean? The words that build you up to better yourself. Words that bring one down is not excepted. Yes it is hard in this world today, that’s for sure. But let us all open our mind and heart to try. This world has so much pain from words that hurt the feeling in one who hears it. Let us all begin giving caring words to each other. At least that is the beginning of reaching to bring peace in each other and the world.

Written by Victoria A. Witt

April 18, 2017

We can hope

We can hope.

We can dream.

That is what makes life amazing.

Just look around you many challenges to try.

Look for the one for which you want to try.

Begin small then you will grow in more under standing.

Your hope of learning it will come forth in your life.

You will feel proud of all you done for yourself.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

March 30, 2017

Empty Page

Page of no meaning, no words.

Minds thinking and wondering if there is something that could help one to tell their own story; of their life on this page of void.

It Could start with life Long ago; The growing up and learning how life should be.

It’s like an adventure exploring new ideas. The question lies within the mind. Ask yourself if you can make the difference?

I have been there and I still have many stories I could tell.

Of happiness and some sadness. Some winning. Some loosing. But I know that through it all I will learn and grow to be what I can be.

You too have challenges. You will deal with them in the way you can.

Remember you are not alone. We need each other to help us all.

May you find the hope and place to help one another.

And start another page of life.

Written By

Victoria A Witt

March 20, 2017


Words that are written down on wood that is bleached white. Good or bad you can never tell the story without the words you read. Just to think once it’s placed it is for the eyes to see. Meaning is for one who will believe. Stories of old and new becomes a road map to travel in your dreams of imagination. Bringing you closer to what you want to be.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

March 11, 2017