A Moment

Right now this moment is calm.

No fighting, no worries. Just this moment.

Could it continue? It could if we begin to believe… believe in ourselves.

Gather others who seek this moment. Just start at the beginning; right now.

We are the ones who have that moment in our minds.

Learn the feeling of peace… sweet peace. It’s right within your soul.

Don’t feel you are alone, because your not.

Many have this moment.

Can we create a new life on earth by beginning to care for each other?

Begin to have Peace, that is what is needed in this world right now… this moment.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

May 24, 2017


Mothers Of Life

This has been a comforting day for being a precious Mom.

Thanks to each one for all the good memories of life that was and is still filled with so much love.

Moms of every kind to reach out to those who are hurt, or not loved enough, needing that special consideration of love of encouragement.

Do not give up is what they would say.

Even those who never was a mom.

Stop and think about this…

Do those precious souls reach out to those in need of help in food, cloths, a place to stay and keep safe? The caring soul is just like a loving caring mother. Showing them who are in need…

That they are not alone.

Then these precious souls are like a Mother.

They are like many beautiful wild flowers of many colors and shapes. They make this world to have  purpose and need.

Let’s give them all a loving thank you for being there when we need them.

In a great caring nature.

The Love of a Mother from God.

Will never fade away as long as we remember them in our hearts and minds

A Mother of all.

Written By

Victoria Ann Witt

May 14, 2017

I Once Was Young

Yes I once was young; still am.

It is in my heart, my soul.

Life to me can be interesting and very challenging.

Sometimes it can be very scary.

But I always have someone who I can depend on.

He is God our Heavenly Father.

I ask Him to help me through my weakness.

He is always there.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

March 23, 2017

Getting On

Life can be challenging for all of us. Many carry a lot of Yesterday’s that has either good or bad. Everyday given should be anew beginning. Scares will always be there to remind us to go forth and forget what had hurt us because of life’s adventures. Question can rise, can I move on to enjoy what is now? Or stay still in my mind of unforgiving. Can I be strong within and move on to better memories of joy.  One does choose their life to be now. Let’s hope it can be the right path to grow in ourself.

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )


I Must Believe

I hurt, I cry. 

I am happy, my heart leaps for joy.

I am trouble, I search to solve it.

I have questions, I seek for answers.

Life is full of excitement.

To seek answers for many question.

I want to live and learn.

I want to be important to those around me if I can.

I love to feel needed. I will just be me.

I am important and must believe.  

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )




My Hope

My hope is that the world will find peace. No more hate, greed, power over hate.

My hope is freedom to be what you want to be.

My hope is everyone would get along with each other with pure love of life.

My hope is understanding what life brings to us.

My hope love will be the answer for harmony. Is this too much to hope for?

Written by  Victoria A. Witt ( 2016 )