Young Blood

Wanted, needed, bringing forth comfort and laughter.

A smile that gives you a giggle.

Silliness to make you forget for a time’s of life’s sadness that make you want to cry and be angry.

You bring forth comedy, just for now.

Sadness is not allowed.

I see much hate  I see much separation of oneself.

Blessed are they who can make us laugh and feel happy.

 Thank You

My Dear Friend Of far but Close….

Thank You My Young of laughter and Christian Love.

Written By Victoria A Witt)

April  21, 2018

Billy Crank ( JR.)

This is what you mean and I dedicate this to you.

Thank you

From your dear Sister In The Lord.

Vicki Witt




A Place In My Heart

There is a place in my heart that will always be with me. A place of walls with beauty, for my eyes to see. Not the eyes of flesh, but the eyes of my mind. The beauty is many pictures in frames to be in their place. Gold, silver and bronze the frames would be made on walls made of silk, so tender to the touch. The room was made of memories that was beautiful to me in time. Yes they showed me many colors of what my life was then.

Today I see many different frames of life upon me now put on walls that are made of silk. Many  things I did, sharing,caring and love. Yes they do create great memories as rainbows in the sky. But still they creat such pictures for my eyes to see. And brings many happiness in time just for me.

Written By Victoria A Witt 2017


Thanksgiving Memories of Yesterday

Memories of times when we were there. It seem just like yesterday we we’re young and filled of excitement. Mom working in the kitchen. No help does she wants. It makes her feel real good to making with her hands and time to prepare the biggest meal. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy from the turkey she had baked. Different pies and whip cream too. Of course do not forget the cranberry which makes the feast just right. Setting at the table with all that she had made. Makes Thanksgiving a very special day. Looking around the table with love ones. Friends of long ago. We know we will see them again in our home in the sky.  Be humble and pray for all you see before you.  Be thankful for what you have right now. Be thankful for the love you share. Just look into each other’s eyes. And say thank you for loving me and being part of my life. And alway pray to our Heavenly Father for all His love before you, for those who are to share.

Written By Victoria A Witt

November 23, 2017

A Thanksgiving Dream


I Have A Beautiful Vision

I have a vision of hope, love and caring for others.

I hope that my vision will live on.

A path of calmness in mind and soul.

It’s like following a trail that just keep going on;

No end is to be found.

Just a trail to walking on with hopes and dreams of possibilities.

The reason it doesn’t end is because the path is in you.

What are your dreams, hope of the future?

Will they build one up who is down?

Will you be a stumbling stone to cause others to fall?

Yes we are the beginning of life; To bring forth good possibilities.

To build up hope to those who feel they are not important.

Yes it is a challenge.

Let us work together not alone, but together.

Hopes and dreams will become real in their time.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

May 18, 2017

Mothers Of Life

This has been a comforting day for being a precious Mom.

Thanks to each one for all the good memories of life that was and is still filled with so much love.

Moms of every kind to reach out to those who are hurt, or not loved enough, needing that special consideration of love of encouragement.

Do not give up is what they would say.

Even those who never was a mom.

Stop and think about this…

Do those precious souls reach out to those in need of help in food, cloths, a place to stay and keep safe? The caring soul is just like a loving caring mother. Showing them who are in need…

That they are not alone.

Then these precious souls are like a Mother.

They are like many beautiful wild flowers of many colors and shapes. They make this world to have  purpose and need.

Let’s give them all a loving thank you for being there when we need them.

In a great caring nature.

The Love of a Mother from God.

Will never fade away as long as we remember them in our hearts and minds

A Mother of all.

Written By

Victoria Ann Witt

May 14, 2017


I will bring you sunshine by appreciating you and what you share to brighten my life.

Sunshine is freely given to give to others. We should never think it is our own. It is for sharing for the world to be a better place to live.

Just think the world would be in harmony for us all.

Not looking at fault of each other but concern wondering if you could bring Sunshine to their life that was given to you freely.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

March 10, 2017

Emotion In My Mind

Wondering distance near or far.

Emotion in my mind.

Should I escape or face the challenge that is given me trying and exceeding.

I do not want to be a looser.

But gain positiveness in my life.

To believe in myself.

I can learn, I can succeed.

Bring hope again trying to believe in who I am.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

March 9, 2017