Your Stamp Is In My Heart

 Impression, memories.

Both give a hope of a change; always a chance to make a difference in one life. Mountains of life’s challenges are always facing one who must climb slowly not looking back. Oh yes that is very hard. We tend to not forgive ourself for all that destruction we I’d in our life. It can easily be taken away. No one can escape it.

   Where do we start to make the change? What about now. Yes we’ll lose our stepping and fall. But get back up and keep trying. Never give up. Yes somethings will leave a scar on our soul. But just take Today and begin again.

Look beyond self. Be fill with hope and joy. Appreciate what has been given you… Life,precious life. Will you be able to make a difference to one self ?

Written by Victoria A Witt

( June 14, 2017 )





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