Empty Page

Page of no meaning, no words.

Minds thinking and wondering if there is something that could help one to tell their own story; of their life on this page of void.

It Could start with life Long ago; The growing up and learning how life should be.

It’s like an adventure exploring new ideas. The question lies within the mind. Ask yourself if you can make the difference?

I have been there and I still have many stories I could tell.

Of happiness and some sadness. Some winning. Some loosing. But I know that through it all I will learn and grow to be what I can be.

You too have challenges. You will deal with them in the way you can.

Remember you are not alone. We need each other to help us all.

May you find the hope and place to help one another.

And start another page of life.

Written By

Victoria A Witt

March 20, 2017


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