I look in a mirror seeing a reflection of one who looks like one who has had many adventures with life.

Standing alone.

 But the mirror does not show what hides within.

Emotion of wanting happiness.

Emotion of want.

Emotion of pure love from the heart.

All the image does not reflect what hides inside our heart and mind.

We make the choice to live.

We make the choice to love.

Or are we just like the mirror

not showing the real self within.

Written By

Victoria A Witt

Febuary 28, 2017


Seeing With Eyes Of Love

Love comes in many ways; many forms.

Through feeling special for someone.

Appreciating what one has.

Admiring beauty when it is with you.

Look and see the things that are right in front of you.

Simple things like a new born,  who is reaching out to you.

Those who are there for you when you need guidness.

The blooming flowers that are near and far.

Moments that will impress your memories for later time.

You ask who gives you this special love?

It is GOD


Written  by

Victoria A. Witt

Febuary  26, 2017

I Am Someone

I am so done with feelings.

Many parts of my life spoke to me within.

I became confused.

The feelings would have many paths to choose.

Many curves to travel on.

Straight would be clearer for me to choose.

But always I had to make the choice, weather  it was  right or wrong.

That was my curves.

I had leaned on my own understanding.

Feeling guilty of what I did was wrong.

But I finally realize it was for my growing to be better in myself.

I would keep trying and not give up on myself.

If one did that.

Life would be a stand still, and die within.

I am someone who is important in this life.

Written By

Victoria A Witt

Febuary 25,  2017

I Am Love

I am so loved.

Purpose is seen and really felt

Hands reach out to grasp true feelings?

Eyes looking so deeply, like trying to read your thoughts.

Not speaking a word.

Mouth is silent.

Help is right there for me to except.

No question is coming forth. Just trust in man kind.

Yes I am loved.

Writtent by

Victoria A Witt

Febuary 25, 2017

Who Can love Me

Who can love me? One who brakes promises. One who cannot be strong in time triples that are so mean. Breaks me. Not being my self. What is me? I din.’t know. Am I lost. Where is the answer… Where do I seek for the answer. My mind is like a storm… Confusing, thundering with loud noise. I must fine a place of calmness. Where is it.?  I just seek and not give up. For if I do.