Cry No More

No tears.

No happiness is there in my heart.

No more will I see happiness.

Being free has become real to me. I want to be happy. I want to have peace in my mind and heart, could that happen?  

I believe it can and will be real to me.

I ask you, does that seem real to you and all you want.

Forget, forget the awful past. You can begin now. Go forward and believe in yourself. It will be hard.

But first of all … Forgive yourself. Yes it is hard. But I found out one can forgive them self one minute, one second, that feeling which you can do. Love yourself. You are worth every bit of time you give yourself.  Do not compare yourself to others. You are one of a kind and very important to yourself.  Just believe and do not give up on yourself. You are very special to you.

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )


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