Ocean of Strength

Waves of power which clash against the rocky shores. I watch while setting in the distance. The mist of the air in which  comes upon my face, awakens me to reality that I am free. As I look beyond the horizon. The question comes to mind. Is that where I should be? Then suddenly an answer comes to me. You are where you are.

Written by. Victoria A. Witt ( 2016 )



Freedom, what is freedom? Is it letting go of self? Is it not caring for us? Not caring about others around us; No worries.  To tell you the truth, there is many worries.  But we cannot solve all by ourself.  It takes sometimes; team work; those who have the same concern. Why do we try to do it on our own?  Sometimes we must admit and face the truth..we need each other. We are not perfect in ourself. We will grow together in knowledge. Not in selfish goals. There will be pride that will be beyond oneself. Too much pride that goes above you. Forgetting where you came from. Be a gift to others with encouragement that they can go forward with their dreams.

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )







Why Couldn’t You

Why didn’t you speak to me? Just maybe it would have made a difference. Not just for me but you too. Emptiness lives within my heart and soul. No purpose, no hope. What has happen to peace of mind?  I cry, with tears of sadness. What can be done? Where is the answer? Sorry for hurt. Sorry for breaking promises that was not kept. Am I at fault… Me alone?  In my heart I want to believe I can change if I try. Life ahead will be different for me. New views, new dreams. Can I go on. Shatter as I was?  Only God knows if I can. I want to, and I will. Not alone but with the encouragement of God my Father in Heaven. Yes I am different and will live a different life ahead.

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )

God’s Holy Hand

Last night God was very close beside me.  I could not rest. Many concern was rushing through my mind.  Like a train with many cars hitched to it.  I felt so overwhelm with concerns. I felt beaten down.  So dark my room seem. No noise heard, just silence.  I suddenly felt alone, empty, no worth…  I closed my eyes.  For awhile.  Suddenly  I felt a hand upon my hand, squeezing gently.  A caring squeeze.  Just to let me know He was near and that I was not alone.  I suddenly felt peace within my soul.

To know God is always with us gives us sweet peace, amen.  

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )

Getting On

Life can be challenging for all of us. Many carry a lot of Yesterday’s that has either good or bad. Everyday given should be anew beginning. Scares will always be there to remind us to go forth and forget what had hurt us because of life’s adventures. Question can rise, can I move on to enjoy what is now? Or stay still in my mind of unforgiving. Can I be strong within and move on to better memories of joy.  One does choose their life to be now. Let’s hope it can be the right path to grow in ourself.

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )


Open Your Mind

The mind is a projector of our soul. The thoughts that are in our thinking can move our life in many direction. They are happiness, sadness, solving, winning, knowing exactly what needs to be done right at that moment. Life is not a tape recorder. You cannot rewind , you just push forward to a new challenge of play.  What your mind shows you is the beginning of doing. Is it yes or no. Do you really understand what to do. Always know one thing. You are not alone. You can always find others who understand and try to be there for you.

 Written by Victoria A Witt. ( 2016 )