Missing You

Silence within my heart where you used to be. Quiet room within my mind. Looking to find you in my mind’s eyes. Where are you? Is the question I long to find the answer. Where is the key that I must hold to my heart. I had found it. I am afraid it will not open the many doors. The key shines with hope and love of our past. Each grove is showing love, happiness, joy, laughter of many days we had and tears we had shared. I now can see this is the right key. I began to open many doors in my mind. Each room shows many memories that we had shared. Oh to know now you have not left me. But live in my heart and mind.  You will never be forgotten. Because I will never forget. As long as I can feel you in my heart.

I will always love you.

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )



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