I Must Believe

I hurt, I cry. 

I am happy, my heart leaps for joy.

I am trouble, I search to solve it.

I have questions, I seek for answers.

Life is full of excitement.

To seek answers for many question.

I want to live and learn.

I want to be important to those around me if I can.

I love to feel needed. I will just be me.

I am important and must believe.  

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )





You Can Be Yourself

In this world of today it seems that one must follow others to achieve trying to fit in. To be someone else they are not. You find out the harder you try to be someone else it just is not you. Struggling and fighting within.  It is not easy. What to do is heavy in thought. What is the answer, how can it be solved?  The answer is being yourself. You ask how. A change in thought and focus. Take the time for you… No one else just you. Study who you are. Maybe a teacher, writer, artist and many more discovery of thing you did not know you could do in this world. Yes you can make the difference. You are very important just being yourself.

Dangerous Life

Walking where we never travel before. A walk that could change one’s life in question. Do I dare to travel into that trail of unquestable why? You are there. Now a fork in the path of what we are traveling. Our choice, our reason. Are  we to make the right choice. We stand still. Minutes go by. Second. We choose the easy way. Going forward not regretting . For we will be strong and responsible for what will be ahead. Are we ready? Are we going to make it right or wrong? Will we be right?

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )

My Hope

My hope is that the world will find peace. No more hate, greed, power over hate.

My hope is freedom to be what you want to be.

My hope is everyone would get along with each other with pure love of life.

My hope is understanding what life brings to us.

My hope love will be the answer for harmony. Is this too much to hope for?

Written by  Victoria A. Witt ( 2016 )

Could Be A Dream

Seeing beautiful clear sky with hope beyond. A field of gold. Trees of many fruits. Sounds of soft music. Fluttering near butterflies of many colors. Wild flowers many shapes and sizes. A comfortable to lean back to rest in peace. Pole in hand preparing to catch the biggest fish that wonders to your meal for the day. The sun shines upon you. Your best fishing buddy next to you. Talking about what was and what is. Who will catch the first one. Hum.. Fish dinner  is on your mind. Happy is the time. Taking dinner home is the goal.  

Written by Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )


Breeze Of New Day

Today is a fresh new day. Open your eyes and see sunshine and the sky which brings for beautiful color of blue and white. Touch the day with your mind’s thought. Open the your voice with gratitude and praise to God and His Glory. Do good to those who need a smile and perhaps laughter. Reach out to those who need to know someone does care. Yes this is a new day. Enjoy life and feel free with the breeze of life.

Written by Victoria Ann Witt ( 2016 )