Giving Oneself

Time giving, letting, doing because you care.  What if you was one given that moment. What would you do?  Stay alone, Give to others? Would you want to show love in ways that would affect those close to you with a willing heart?  Would it be a change of giving for all?


Written By Victoria A Witt ( 2016 )


Night Falls Upon Us

Night is like magic. You rest your head upon a cloud, sinking deep into slumber. Feeling like having wings and flying in peaceful rest. Leaving all worries in the Hands of God. The Shining Kingdom of Heaven ahead. Oh what peace and calming feeling. All hurt’s past is not there in your moment. Being rocked slowly. By The Arms of God.

Written By Victoria A Witt (2016 )

To Belong

I once was important.

I once was loved.

The need of me was in place.

Always ready to help.

Turning this way and that way for needs that were important.

They needed me then.

They are on their own.

Wisdom was given to them in many form; Good or bad.

It was a learning time of life. 

There is many.

We do have our place. We belong in this moment given Do not waste, but use what you have learned.


Memory of Love

Memories of  lost love.

Love can come to one slowly. It grows as days go by. It can be caring, giving you purpose in belong and giving back with appreciation. You need not say thank you for it speaks for itself. You do not say your sorry. For love will be there to understand.  Understanding and patients,  forgiveness can become strong in relationships as friends,  sisters, brothers and many that come into ones life.

Do not give up hope of love.

For it is still there within.

By Ms. Victoria A Witt ( March  29, 2016 )