Good Day

   A Good Day. God is the creator of our life. Good days are a gift. What we do, see, and give forward will show who you are… What you are made of. Like a growing oak tree. Sprouting and reaching for the sky. Searching for the answers and finding them around you speaking so softly.

   God will always assure you if you lean on Him with faith… Unfailing faith. You might not see God. But just believe by faith… Like that of a switch turning on a light and appliance. You wil never go wrong in choosing God the creator of Heaven and Earth… Aman


Mothers Are So Brave

We always appreciate those who serve our country. What about showing our brave Mothers our gratefulness and love. They have given all to us. To grow and learn the right and the wrong. Many have sacrifice their all for us to know life as it is and what it may become in our future. We look to her for correction when we stray. we look to her for support and encouragement when we go forth a positive life of sharing and caring of others who need so much understanding. Yes Mothers of this world are strong and brave, just like a worrier, a soldier. We salute you Mom for all you have done for us and will do in our future which will be challenging. Thank you with all our love. And may you have prosperity and good health.