If You Think You are Perfect

I walk this world in many ways and direction. Walking each path with strong determination of not failing; but do. You see we are not perfect… God had told us that through Jesus His precious Son, Our Lord and Savior. If we think we are perfect we fool ourself. We must strive to be perfect in learning each travel of our life. There we will grow with perfect peace of God’s goodness of love in each purpose of our life.  We will feel His presence. Feeling encourage to continue with learning the will of God’s wonderful love.

Written by Victoria Ann Witt ( 2016 )


Looking to The Sky

We look to the sky looking for the hope and promises of Today. To see the mystery, or waiting for them to bring forth the meaning just for us. It’s like an adventure of where we could  follow. Now questions do come to mind. We must make the choice. Could we do it on our own? Or seek guidness  from one who would show whats the best way to travel. Yes just looking up to the sky makes one feel hope and strength and know we are not alone.



By Victoria A.Witt

April 10, 2015

I will always be thankful for all you’ve had done for me. This Butterfly on top of the ladder is a sign of my Victory of my life. If you closely study the ladder. You will see that it was once a picket fence that kept me trapped within. Now it became something to help me be a victorious  person. Like that of a Butterfly; Letting me fly to the sky of freedom and peace.

Take Your Time

   Our days go so fast. It seems every minute, every second, every hour just seem to fly by. I don’t know about you I want to start enjoying every moment I am given. I love what I am given. From love and care. I want to be the best I can be to bring forth positiveness for those who are in need. I will do my best. I know I will not be alone. We are a big family of this world.

I Have A Thought

I have a thought. I look around me. And I began to see the beauty. No negativeness, we see that all the time. Beauty is a smile. A laughter. Flowers and rainbows in many forms. Like newborn babies, A reunion of those that you have not seen for many years. Oh what a wonderful thought to a beautiful life.