Eraser of Life

   Pass life can be good or bad. Life can be a bit like curves in the road… Many. But we must decide not to let it stop in living the best you can. Some past can cause a lot of mental pain.  It happen to me. I came to a thought that would change my way of thinking. I began seeing in my mind’s eye big eraser I started to erase all that made me stop going on with my of good life. I had been so without. The freedom to be feeling good, having joy and happiness. I started realizing who cared for me. And holding strong to get me through this life of  destruction.  My dear Father in Heaven and my dear family did so much.  I beat that self pity. By using my life eraser. I can now live not feeling lifeless in my mind  and body.

There is a reason for living.

 Purpose to see what I can be in this world

Written By

Victoria A. Witt



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