Could It Be

Setting here and wondering. Could it be the way things are going on around me; is my fault? Or is it someone else that cause the situation to happen. To break down walls of wrong or right to continue in the way in which could change the world. Could it be I could get ahold of the rein and stop the cycle of confusion in this world as it is. I do believe if we join together for the good of all of us. We could make it a different world


It’s Alright To Cry

When life brings you pain, It’s alright to cry.

If life brings you emptiness, it’s alright to cry.

If you feel no need or purpose,

it’s alright to cry.

But if you have happiness, joy, and peace.  You can have Happy tears.

God Bless you all.

Written by

Victoria A. Witt

I Am Only Me

I am only me. No one can be me.

They can try and get close to my feeling. But I thinkI myself can do better… But I seen that I could not. To start letting those know to help me through difficult moment, that seems  to be over powering me. I needed special people who we’re mostly close to me to help me, to guide me in a better way of living. They’re suggestion did help me to realize, so that I can live again within me. I must begin trying to learn, understand  what I am made of. Starting to reach out to those who care. Is better than trying to do it on my own. What do you think About that? Do you need help. Just reach out to those who will help you. Not to judge.

Written by

Victoria A. Witt


Eraser of Life

   Pass life can be good or bad. Life can be a bit like curves in the road… Many. But we must decide not to let it stop in living the best you can. Some past can cause a lot of mental pain.  It happen to me. I came to a thought that would change my way of thinking. I began seeing in my mind’s eye big eraser I started to erase all that made me stop going on with my of good life. I had been so without. The freedom to be feeling good, having joy and happiness. I started realizing who cared for me. And holding strong to get me through this life of  destruction.  My dear Father in Heaven and my dear family did so much.  I beat that self pity. By using my life eraser. I can now live not feeling lifeless in my mind  and body.

There is a reason for living.

 Purpose to see what I can be in this world

Written By

Victoria A. Witt


Truth is The beginning

Truth is The Beginning

by Victoria A. Witt

“Oh man”

That could be impossible.

But wait I feel we should not give up hope.


At least not alone.

We all could get together; you know … Hold hands together

in our mine, our soul which helps us to believe.

Having faith in each other who have the Same vision.

It can happen.

Have we really tried?

Setting Alone

Setting Alone

By Victoria A Witt

Setting alone in my old rocking Chair.

Mining my own business. Cannot be better than that.

or can It?

Rocking and thinking.

Thinking, of how we could make a different

in this world of Today.

Could We improve  economy and help for those that have needs.

Is that possible in this world?

I believe it can be.

If we don’t. The world as we see it, will spiral down.

Instead up for the good.

We must never give up.

Let’s began Today.

Yes Today.

And let’s have a better future.

And Set in your rocking chair with hope in your heart.



Peace around the world

All people seek God’s will for the world around them.

To ask forgiveness of all unrighteousness…

There would peace begins.

Do we really want peace around the world?

Or seek power to cause life to die.

Seek God’s will……

Not your own.

Pray with believe that God does care.

And there can be miracles.

(By Victoria A. Witt Horner)

 February 28, 2015