Hardship and Peace

Hardship and  Peace

Feeling scared, feeling alone.

Upset within, right there in my soul.

Where to go… Where to go.

Is there a God who really sees what is happening?

Does he really care?

The answer is within my heart and I will share.

He  speaks so very softly I am right here.

Quiet I become.

Still is my moment…  right now.

I cannot do it on my own; my heart said to me.

There within my soul is my God in whom I have believe and loved..

I now feel I am not alone hardships will turn to peace.

 Like that of a calm sea.

As Jesus has said… Peace be still.

And I do believe it will.


This Cannot Be

Hate with one another to where one thinks it will never end.
Weapons of many kind that can destroy, not only that which we have to hold. But words and neglect not caring or giving because we have no time.
That weapon is worse than any. It would lead to worst destruction of the mind soul and body of man.
It would come so fast on one who is weak.
This cannot be.
One need to stop and check their life.
See what needs correction.
Would one be willing to change or stay with that still madness of the mind?
This cannot be.
Hating those who are so different. To hold grudge to where it bring forth separation that could last a life time.
This just cannot be

Will it Be A Happy New year

Will It Be… A Happy New Year
Posted on January 04, 2013 by Victoria




Time seems to be flying. The years increase in Hours and minutes. Seconds keep moving forward with no delay. 2012 will soon be 2013. Are we ready for a change? Will it be easy to go forward and make a difference. Will it be hard to understand the coming and going of things that must be?

Question, question, questions.

What is the answer?

Will we be able to know?

Only now is here.

Only this we have.

Can we make it

A Happy New Year?