Do You Love

Is there in your soul a spirit of caring and giving?

When you see one struggling do you give a hand?

Is there any feeling of what goes around you that concerns you of the future?

Do you know?

Do you care?

Do you Love?


Do Not Give Up

Stopping, turning away. Give up trying. Afraid of what could be. Don’t listen to those who might know the answer. Thinking you are facing the situation alone. Running away from that which you do not understand.

Don’t give up. Take the focus off your thinking of you just for a while. There’s  ways to learn. They are listening. Opening your mind which wants to refuse learning. Don’t be afraid to ask… There you will see and understand . Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot learn. They are just like one who puts a stumbling block in front of you so that you will fall emotionally to the floor of giving up.

You and I  can learn. Some is quicker than others. I have found that out on my path of learning. Just don’t give up. If you must, try to start at the beginning again and see where you need to learn. You just might find the answer to that problem in which you had difficulty.

Giving up is like dying.

Is that what you want to do?

Truth & Lyes

Truth is so hard to follow when other decision of life is so easy to grasp and to except. It seems false trails are so many and easy to except in life. But what happens when one decides to go in the direction that can cause falling from righteousness. The road to righteousness is narrow.

Don’t be fooled by lye’s temptation, things that will only last for a little while. Look ahead and realize the results of where you are going. What gain will you have? What will become of that choice you had made? The road that is of lye’s has many turns and alleys for you to choose. The road of righteousness is only one. It will lead to prosperity in which one can grow and learn.

Bad Attitude

Get away from me.

No time do I have for you.

Your problems are your own.

I don’t believe in you.

What makes you think you know everything?

I want to be left alone.

You are so stupid.

You can’t learn anything.

Get on with your own life and leave me alone.

Are these feeling you feel when one is near or you don’t want anyone to bother you.

It has happen to me quite allot.

I try on my own to fight it.

But I don’t succeed.

I came to the conclusion that it is impossible to do it on my own.

There is only one hope of beating this war in our minds.

He is our wonderful Lord and Savior.

Worship him in spirit and in truth.

Don’t lie to God.

He knows all and sees all of what you are inside yourself.

Ask God to heal you and deliver you from all this negativeness thoughts.

Then will you begin to see you can be part of His wonderful creation.

Love conquers all

Just Can’t Be

Wars of life and wanting above ones own needs. Taking from those who cannot give.  Killing life that just begun because of a mistake or fear.  Hearing but not listening because you don’t have time. Excepting wrong when it is not right. Lying to get what one wants when not deserving. Pushing others aside so you can be first in line.  Taking , taking, taking… Not giving back. Hate is your god.

This just cannot be.

If I Could

If there was a way to bring peace and love for one another through me.

I wonder what I could do…. If I could.

If there was a way to heal the soul and the body.

I wonder what I could do… If I could.

If there was a way to take care of the world’s trouble in all things.

I wonder what Could I do… If I could.

To fill the lonely hearts that have no hope.

I wonder what I could do… If I could.

To feed the world who are hungry.

I wonder what could I do… If I could.

To find homes for those who are without.

I wonder what could I do… If I could.

Alone I cannot.

But joining with others with the feeling of reaching out to save or to solve.

I feel that I could