A Wall of Guilt

Feeling guilty of pass life. Not letting go. Staying in that room of unforgiving. Seeing walls of self punishment, hurting and giving up. Feeling nothing but sadness of what had happen. Those walls need to be taken down and gone. The question is how can one get over all the wrong that was done in his or her life?  Take right now… this moment. Lay all you done that was so wrong at the Savior’s feet. Ask God to forgive you. Then let go of all those terrible wrong, as garbage put in a trash can. Face today… A day that was given to you by God. Continue going forward with positiveness thinking. Don’t let negativeness enter your thoughts. If you can correct what was not right… If it is possible to do it. Then go and get it taken care of while you can. Those things that were done that cannot be corrected just let them go and leave them in God forgiving heart of great love through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Then say to yourself I have been forgiven. I can go on to live a better life.

Written by Victoria A Witt. ( June 11, 2017 ) Revised




Faith In Oneself


Going forward to reach that goal in yourself.

Not looking back

Learning and gaining confidence in yourself.

Feeling good knowing you done good and are proud.

Faith in oneself is a flower blooming, showing beauty and worth of one self.

Knowing that your challenges will touch many in their walk in life adventure.