Empty Nest Of Life

Kitchen chairs tobble to the floor,Just laying on their sides and table is no more met with them. You are questioning were are those who once sat upon them at the table? What has happen to them?    A broom leaning in a corner collecting many days of dust that was and is. No more days does it sweep up. No more cleaning the dust that came with life that once lived here.    Life that is stilled. No sounds of want and needs. No more preparing dinners for many. Plates that once we’re used to feed many. Are placed in a cabnet not having purpose again,but only looked at of what value they have    No teaching what is to learn of what you have experienced in your life. Feeling you had brought importance information to their learning. To give them good insights.    No warmth of holding little ones to your breast of love. No,I loves to be said,nor heard.    Have you and I become like that which sets in this house collecting dust and empty time? Have we become nothing; no feeling? Becoming a burden to life that lives? Feeling no worth. Looking into space to find it is empty. We must regain our life. We must take in a fresh breath of being, like that of fresh air. Become again that person who showed many interests. Who always had a hand out to help others in need. Sweep the cobwebs from your minds that are being still but yet moves slowly. Get down to where you can see face to face of love again. The young love of the little world. There the empty nest will be filled again   BY Victoria Ann Witt  www.victoriaannwitt.com


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