I’m Not By Myself

I feel not alone.

Someone is always near.

I feel the presence of one who cares.

His hands are always holding mine.

I am not by myself.

His assurance he makes it clear.

That He will never leave me alone.


My Heart


Pumping life’s blood through my body that wants so much to live.

Sharing thoughts for today’s work.

Using my hands to form and mold life of others who needs me.

Walking many miles to reach ones in need of help.

Speaking words that will bring forth positive forms of  goals for others.

Yes my heart beats for the hope of others to live.

I Begin

I begin to feel I was given a second chance of life.

I have seen how delegate life is.

How fast it can be taken.

We only have today to do what is best for us and all those around us.

Today is the beginning of new ideas.

New adventures that we never tried before.

Begin to feel you was given another day as a gift from God.

He watches and waits to see.


Cross Roads of Life

Cross road




Or straight ahead.

Life stands still.

Must not move too fast with emotion that seem scramble in ones mind.

One must look all direction.

Make sure you are clear in what you decide to do.

Will it hurt?

Will it help?

Cross road of life can make a difference in your life.

Which way will you go.

What are the signs telling you?

I See A Field


A vision.
I see a field.
The field is very wide and long.
The field is plowed ready for seeds
The field shows life.
… The field is full.
The field is dead.

Our life is like that of the field in my vision.
We are taught.
We then are given many seeds to prosper in our life.
We began to show light and life is full.
Then a storm comes and our life begins to die inwardly.

If we are not on good ground life storms will destroy what was not rooted deeply.
The floods of life will then drown you to feeling hopeless.
No more, no more