I can’t be what I want to be.  Do you find yourself in a rut where you just don’t know what to do.   The things that bother you in life as you have it.  I find myself always stumbling in the dark.  Where is the answer?    How can it be solved?    Is it in the bottle?  The pills or self?   How can one escape?  Or is that the way to handle it.  So many thoughts when one is down…  Just about to give up.

   But wait.  In our life there is always an ability to get back up facing that old fox in sheep clothing.  Yep we can be more conquerors in Christ.  Stand firm in what you believe.  If you make mistakes.  Learn of  life that belongs to you…    If you need someone to give you strength.  Find them…   Seek hard.  Ask God our Father in Heaven to show you the way.

   Remember God is the truth and the light.  He loves you and me.  He will lead us and help us get through those dark moments in life..

Bringing for Sunshine. 


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