Happy New Year

New year

New Hope

New Dreams

New You


Love As A Friend

Love can come in so many ways to one.

To one it would be listening.

Holding and supporting.

Sharing  joy and laughter.

Writing words.

Feeding those who are very hungry.

Giving of one’s time to be there.

Yes love is a friend in many ways.

May it continue to go forth in this world that needs it so very much.

Flakes of Time

Crystals and colors

White flakes of many shapes and sizes.

Clean white snow upon the ground.

Waiting for life to be impressed with laughter and cheers of a playful moment.

Falling from the sky.

 Flakes again cover the ground like that of a chalkboard which is erase and wrote on again.

Impression of angels made.

Pies to run through.

Mounds to hide in.

Little games which the mind of  a child can creat.

Then again the flakes of snow erases.

To become that life in time.

Who Are You

Who are you?

Do you belong?

Are you real?

Or is there a heart that is like stone?


You are special to someone dear.

You belong to that one who reaches out to you in many ways.

You belong to many hearts that pound for you in life as it is today.

Yes you are real.

For if you did not belong or was loved.

You would be like a stone with no feeling…

And so very cold.

I want To Give

To give and not take.

To share with no expecting  a return.

To love

Knowing that seed will sprout and grow.

Seeking the good in people.

Not always the bad…

That comes at its own pace.

Take the sadness of hearts.

Lift them up with joy and happiness.

A gift is my heart to you.

It has been broken many times.

But it still pounds for better in life for all.

I just want to give.

A Spirit That Lives On

A spirit that lives on with a laugh and a song.

A man with a spirit of love that came from above.

One who had a gift to give you a lift and a smile for kicks.

One man with hands so strong and so true.

He would get you out of the blues.

Through God he did try while he was alive.

A smile here and a wink there would show that he really did care.

His rubber face of expression so deep.

Would always keep the sadness away.

He would give his special time to the children so dear.

They knew they had nothing to fear.

The faces of hunger and so much pain.

Would begin to change to a smile again.

For you see Jim took the time to play with them.

Just to hold them and hug them made Jim’s day.

Those times will never go away in our mind with a laugh and a song.

Go on my dear friend name  Jim.

Your spirit will go on and live within.

Go on and make a smile and feel alive.

For your smile would break the ice.

I know…

 For it did mine.

Your blue eyes showed that there was still hope.

Showing life with a laugh and a joke.

This world today is too fast.

No time does it take to appreciate the one who likes to laugh.

The happiness that is needed…

It comes from you.

We will learn and we will know.

That we will never be alone.

For your spirit will live on with a laugh and a song.

My dear friend


(In memory Of my friend Jim)

Merry Christmas

May all the joy and love be given to you.

That special moment that is in view.

And is so true.

Holding  and hugging each other to let one know…

Your never alone.

Just look around and you will see.

I speak of love ones and many friends.

To count them would never end.


Love and share.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year