Looking At Time

Can time be seen?

Can time be touched?

What is time?

   It is a moment right now that has been given you.  It is yours to do with what ever you want to do.  You can build up or knock down.  You can be a master of confusion or one who can support other with good results. 

   To stop time would be of one giving up…  Not try.  Death would be at your side to keep you from going forward. 

You cannot turn the time back and do what ever was wrong over again.  It does not work that way in life.  You get ahold of the timepiece in your heart and just wind it up and set it right. And get onto doing better.

Yes looking at time is very slow but fast in action and motion of life.  You and I will be challenge.  But look to the future and reach for that goal  of hope and prosperity



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