A World Within A World

Have you every stop and look what is around you? 

Looking with eyes that seek for enchantment and excitement. 

What is it you are looking for. 

Will you find it?  Hunting for what might be… Or could be.


   There is a place called Wonderment Valley.  It is located deep in the valley of your mind… Only you can change it.  It is magical and full of many surprises.  One can let go…  To be a child again.  No worries or fears…  There is no place for them to be.  You can let go an be free.  To be what ever you want to be.

   I love my time there… Just for a time.  To feel free and alive.  To go back and feel that young again.  No pain of aging or sorrows.

   I join with those who for a time has no differences.  No greed of whose has more.  No stealing for you see we all would share and give.  Caring for one another.  Playing the game of life the way it should be.

   This is only a thought. A feeling within my mind. 

   The Valley Of Wonderment hidden deep.

   Hopes and prosperity for all .

   The could be of a world within a world.


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