Confidence In You

Begin to believe.

Begin to see who you really are.

Begin to know what you are able to do.

Begin to learn.

Begin; at your own pace. To go forward to that goal that you want to reach.  Not looking back that was not to be.  But forward to improve and to gain the confidence in yourself.  Bringing forth positive growth in oneself.  Never give up.  Believe you can do anything that you want. To be satisfy and pleased

Have confidence in you.

Have confidence in yourself. 


My Beautiful Flowers

Bright with colors.

Standing strong and true.

One sees meaning and purpose.

Meaning of life.

Purpose of love and hope.

Flowers never show sadness.

Flowers never show hate.

They only show promise of many things ahead.

That is life.

They bring it forth for our eyes to see.

Our soul dances with glee.

God covers them with colors…

So that we can believe.