A Garden of Mine

Fruits and vegetables.

Flowers and pond.

Paths of impression

That someone was here.

A bench to set upon.

Just admiring the best.

My hands had planted.

My hands had built.

Signs of beauty.

Signs of surviving.

God’s creation I have learned to understand.

The gift of his love and sharing.



I Walk Straight And Proud

Yes I walk with pride knowing our men and women serve our country with courage and strength.  Knowing knowing and believing in what they do for our country.  Let us walk straight and proud.  To honor them.  To always wave our Flag which represents our country.  The stars and stripes for ever will wave.  Let us hold true to the RED, WHITE and BLUE.

God Bless the USA

A Narrow Road

The road that leads to good life of righteousness is narrow.

I picture walking the path that I have chosen to be clear

 of all the weeds, garbage  of life.

Weeds are that of choking me and holding me back from what I want to carry out.

Garbage is that of  unrighteous thoughts.

 Yes my path is straight and clear to that goal in which I want to reach.

What are my goals?

That which will prosper of good that is around me.

To love.

To care.

To learn that which will prospers to the good of life.

I can see my pace is steady and sure.

I feel I am not alone.

Jesus is with me.

Yes the path of righteousness is narrow.

But it is the hope of eternal life with Him who created man…

That is God.