A Tear That Has Fallen

Fallen to a dying earth.

Man has become that as a stone in themself.

Soul of that of the living is dying because callousness of the mind.

Dry and hard.

What once had sensitivity…

Is now hard and cold…


Yes the tears that have fallen.

Is not felt with the heart of man…

Not any more.

Man looks on with  no thought of caring or giving.

The tear that has fallen is dropping into death of the heart of man.

Why can man of this world see…

 Of that living without caring?

Why can Man of this world feel compassion for any pain of those  who are lost?

Who will see these tears?

Who will care deeply of all that hurts inside one…

 Who needs answer to life of today.

My tear falls…

But who cares?

My tears fall…

But who feels?

Who hurts like I hurt?

Please Dear Father in Heaven is it you?

What has happen to man?

 To not feel and know that  your heart is braking.

A tear has fallen and many will follow.


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