Going Forth With Confidence

Life’s steps, can be  a challenge in what we have before us.

Some paths can be of entanglement of many vines of confusion.

They are like pebbles and boulders of that we choose…

 For that need of right now.

It will  cause us to stumble and fall.

Our flesh become of that of soars due to the wrong choices.

Our soul of the flesh becomes covered with darkness…   Like that of a  black curtain.

Is there ever a hope of turning away from that which is destructive in one

who has taken a wrong turn in his life’s path?

 This is due to the fleshly desires…

That becomes more than normal and excepted.

Which only last for a while than is gone leaving emptiness within.

Feeling lonely.

Thoughts of doing away with the problem.

 Begins to chip away of one.

Is there any hope of that darkness to fade away?


When one does see the truth and except what has happen to them in their life.

They will begin to see and feel something tugging at their mind…

Their soul.

They will begin to see the light of truth and happiness.

That which will not fade or rust due to time.

But will last forever.

The light that I speak of is 

 Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

He did witness many thing of that which the flesh desires.

But he showed and taught how we can turn away that which will destroy life

of those who feel no hope, that is not normal.

Yes He walked many miles.

He showed wonderous miracles along the way.

And how to help one another with the love that is pure.

This was not for His glory.

But His Father who is in heaven.

He gave His all for us so that we could have everlasting life.

To know of that Hope.

To know of that love.

To know of that strength and wisdom can change one to be better and know that there is hope.

Look to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

The thing of this world will fade away.

But putting our trust and faith in God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Is life eternal.


 Written by Victoria A Witt 2018

( Been Revised )




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