Hebrews  13: 21

Making you perfect in every good work to do His will, working in you that which is well-pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ; to Whom be glory for ever and ever, amen

No false lies

No steeling

No blaming

No judging

No killings in any  form that is wrong in the sight of God.

No Greed

No self-pride that goes above others so to rule and bring them down with many laws that are not of God but man.

Not giving because we want to keep all of what we have for ourself , having a attitude they can help themself when it seems so impossible.

Not helping because we just don’t have the time because of all we have to do in our life… Is there time to help others?

Yes if we we’re perfect in God’s eye these emotion that confront us would be gone from our heart and soul.

The hateful emotion.

The selfish emotion.

The lazy emotion.

The self pride that seems to make us better than others,   when we all must kneel to God for His leading.

Non of us is perfect…  No not one.

We strive to be perfect in God’s walk everyday. 

Yes we will be correct  as a Father would correct us.

We must humble ourself before God. 

When we began to walk with God. 

 We begin to see a change in ourself. 

The interest of this world fades away. 

 In due time we will be like God. 

 God will make us perfect as long as we follow him everyday.




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