The Heart Of Man




Can it ever be healed?

Where is the answer?

What can heal the heart that once cared..?

But now is apart due to life that it now knows…

Life that used to care for others…

But now uses.



God Is the Strength Of The Soul

I seek God everyday.

His presence is needed in my walk of life here on earth.

He teaches many things of life.




He lets me know of His presence.

I feel peace and confidence in what I want to bring forth …

For others around me.

Sometimes I falter…

It does cause me saddness.

But yet I learn and go on knowing …

I will win that battle of confusion in mind and soul.

I seek more of God’s laws of righteousness.

Yes I look up to where my faith is strengthen.

He is God…

 Who’s Holy Spirit is my strength and my guide.

My Heart Cries To Thee

Who cares for what I go through?

Where is that one who see all my affliction within and without.?

Who sees what lies ahead for me?

My soul cries out loud wanting to find that one who knows and understand

without the judgement of hate and greed.

My heart cries to thee oh Lord.

For you see all that lies ahead for me.

My body aches.

My soul is tossed and turn.

What is to be?

What is gone to happen?

My heart cries to thee.

For it knows who is the one…

The only one.

My heart cries no more.


Hebrews  13: 21

Making you perfect in every good work to do His will, working in you that which is well-pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ; to Whom be glory for ever and ever, amen

No false lies

No steeling

No blaming

No judging

No killings in any  form that is wrong in the sight of God.

No Greed

No self-pride that goes above others so to rule and bring them down with many laws that are not of God but man.

Not giving because we want to keep all of what we have for ourself , having a attitude they can help themself when it seems so impossible.

Not helping because we just don’t have the time because of all we have to do in our life… Is there time to help others?

Yes if we we’re perfect in God’s eye these emotion that confront us would be gone from our heart and soul.

The hateful emotion.

The selfish emotion.

The lazy emotion.

The self pride that seems to make us better than others,   when we all must kneel to God for His leading.

Non of us is perfect…  No not one.

We strive to be perfect in God’s walk everyday. 

Yes we will be correct  as a Father would correct us.

We must humble ourself before God. 

When we began to walk with God. 

 We begin to see a change in ourself. 

The interest of this world fades away. 

 In due time we will be like God. 

 God will make us perfect as long as we follow him everyday.



We Must Walk That Lonesome Valley

 We must walk through a lonesome valley.

We all must walk.

Not walking alone.

For you see our God and His Holy Spirit.

Is guiding us through this valley so long.


The battle of earth is long and dreary.

It take from us our love ones true.

We’re left alone without their presence.

They are not here to walk us through.


Our trust in God is the only hope.

 To know he’s near give us hope beyond.

These fears we face will not stop us.

For His Holy hands will guide us through.


The day will come.

We’ll see our Jesus.

On clouds that seems to look like gold.

He’ll take us home.

Forever join us.

 Our mansion there He’ll guide us through.


Our faith in God is victory for us.

Our faith in God is all we need.

 For Jesus said He will never leave us.

 Our faith in Him will get us through.


We must walk through this lonesome valley.

We must walk…

Not walking alone.

For you see our God and His Holy Spirit.

Will guide us through this valley so long.

 (Repeat) – Will guide us through this valley so long.