My Walk Of Life

My journey begins with steps of assurance.

Going forth with knowledge and strength of today’s challenges.

Walking paths that we’re made by those before me.

Many honors of complete goals in each ones life.

Can I continue what they had started to make it seen clearer for today?

Can I be brave?…

 Even though the battles I have want to bring me down.

I will continue with the help of God.

His angels will be near.

They will take away my fear due to their presence and knowledge of my life.

Help to lift me up in life’s continuing battle of mind and souls?

Walk with me.

I do not want to be alone.

I want not those who will try to be above me.

But those who like a brother, sister and friends.

Be there for me in my times of heartaches and pains.

Aging is upon me.

Bones which we’re once strong…

Become brittle with time

Slow pace.

Slow stride of footsteps.

Carefully watching and wanting still to be of good works.

Can it be?

My walk of life I want it to continue.

My hands and feet will travel in many way in life’s expectation.

Wood will be a servant upon which I will need to express my presence.

Through coming and going.

My walk of life will never end.

For it will live on with my love ones and friends.


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