Hoping For Life

The world awakes to a new day.

Bringing forth sounds, colors and songs.

The sun rises to begin a new day.

Lighting the vision to the eyes of the soul.

Like a picture in a frame.

Right now is upon us.

Will it be of good?

Our soul will be touch.

Knowing it is living and belongs.

Hoping for life to continue.


My Walk Of Life

My journey begins with steps of assurance.

Going forth with knowledge and strength of today’s challenges.

Walking paths that we’re made by those before me.

Many honors of complete goals in each ones life.

Can I continue what they had started to make it seen clearer for today?

Can I be brave?…

 Even though the battles I have want to bring me down.

I will continue with the help of God.

His angels will be near.

They will take away my fear due to their presence and knowledge of my life.

Help to lift me up in life’s continuing battle of mind and souls?

Walk with me.

I do not want to be alone.

I want not those who will try to be above me.

But those who like a brother, sister and friends.

Be there for me in my times of heartaches and pains.

Aging is upon me.

Bones which we’re once strong…

Become brittle with time

Slow pace.

Slow stride of footsteps.

Carefully watching and wanting still to be of good works.

Can it be?

My walk of life I want it to continue.

My hands and feet will travel in many way in life’s expectation.

Wood will be a servant upon which I will need to express my presence.

Through coming and going.

My walk of life will never end.

For it will live on with my love ones and friends.


Words brought forth on sheets of wood.

Wood that has been compressed with man’s hand.

Meaning  is form.

Knowledge coming forth.

Notes climbing and falling

The soul is impress with feelings.




Is this song for me?

 Has it found its way in my path of learning within my heart.

Will it cause me to fall?

Will it cause me to see possibilities of good or bad?

What is the dance?

What is the tune?

I want to sing

My spirit is looking at the conductor…

He is God

He leads with confidence and assurance.

Harmony will begin.

Peace within will begin.

Being Myself

Through my life I had the many situation to deal with.  Still today I face many decision in which not only involve me but those I know and love.  I try very hard to lift a spirit.  But sometime my spirit it so drain from hurt and pains.  I always wonder how can I be a teacher in life’s struggles? 

I want to be my best.

For if I cannot take care of myself.

How can I help others?

Do you ever find yourself in the same way?

  Do you ever feel you have failed in some way?

You come to the point in your life you just want to give up?  Thinking to yourself…

 You are not that important. 

Do you know that is a lie? 

We are all important in this life. 

We are all important to each other. 

Just picture us all as a big family in this world. 

Now go back when you was very young.

You and your sisters and brothers… 

  Even close friends have differences or make many mistakes… 

How did you deal with it? 

 Good question isn’t it? 

That is how I see it.  We learn from each other in many ways.  Yes many things that come our way might not be that easy to get through.  But always remember you are not alone.  There is one who really see you as you are.  Nothing is hidden. 

He is God.

My goodness he loves us so. Why blame him for our choosing of life.  He gave us that freedom.  But it is us who must make right choices.  Oh you can count on the devil to confuse you and make you believe it is all Gods fault.  The devil is a lyre.  Turn away from him.  He is so jealous and will do anything to get you to turn from God.  

Through Jesus Holy blood you will be delivered.  Jesus is the healer of mind and soul.  Jesus has already won the battle of death.  We now can have eternal life with Him. amen

The devil has no hold…  Only if you will turn from him.  And turn to God.

Many of you will make your choice in which you will  feel  happiest in.

Will it be of the flesh or the spirit?

Will you choose Jesus as your personal Savior?

I know in my life…

I just want to be myself in God through Jesus Christ The Lord, 


Baby Steps Of Life


Crawling to places that your eyes see.

Wanting to touch with you hands.


Just crawling.

The beginning of not staying still…

But learning.

Wanting to explore.


The walls…

Holding on to make steps with assurance.

The floor is under you.

Holding on you are…  

 But wanting to let go.

Baby steps no more.

Letting go with faith in believing of one self.

Steps become stronger and bigger in strive…

Because one knows of their ability…

  Continues by believing.


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