You Can’t Live Without God.

There are many of us that think everything is going just fine.  Why would we need God?  We are getting everything we want that this world can give.  What more is there that we need?  We are so satisfied and filled with all these wonderful materials for our flesh. 

I ask you this question.  How much do you love of what you have?  Would you be willing to give your all that is in you…  To sacrifice who you are within…  Your life?  Think here now. The worldly materials.  How long do they last.  How much does it give to you to be happy just for that moment?  Will it become a god to control your life in doing things that will destroy you?   Is it worth yourself to give up all that you can have that will last forever?  Will it blind your spiritual eyes to eternal life.  Or destroy you in death.

The things of this world will not last forever.  They will go away.  Rust and dust do they return to.  But yet we seem to want to seek it.  I wonder why.  Is it because we can touch.  We can see.  It lifts our inner self with a high that only brings one down?  Possibly that is the answer.  But How will it affect your soul?

Trusting in God… Our Heavenly Father in Spirit and truth… With faith. That is beyond self…  Meaning Not seeing or touching with the flesh.  But with your spirit that is within.  Why do we become so blind and not belive this is true. 

  What is so wonderful of all of this.   Is it will never tarnish, rust or  fade away.  It will give you life eternal.  Breath in the breath of life. Oh what a wonderful God.  He wants you to return to Him. With humbleness and sincerity.  Repent of your sins and he will forgive them in Jesus Name amen.

As the Holy Word saids…   We all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.

Today go to him in prayer asking God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to forgive of your sins.  Except the Holy Spirit to enter in to your soul. To begin a new life with Him who loves you so.



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