Determination of Life

One day as I was looking out a window.

I was admiring all that my eyes could see.

The sky so blue… 

I just wanted to touch it with my spirit inside.

The trees of many splendors to shadow me…

And to protect me from the storms.

The ground of green to walk upon.

But then I seen determination… 

Not giving up.

Watching in amaze at the least of us.

Tugging and pulling.

Building and rebuilding.

Using the things that are given them.

Showing appreciation for all they have…

By their singing and praising God.

God’s eyes are upon the birds of the air…

 And He watches over them.

 How more important are we who was created in

His Holy image?

The image within each of us.

Yes God’s eyes are upon us all.

Not only was determination shown.

But also appreciation.

If you listen…

 You will hear the birds singing.

Singing praises to the King of Kings

The Lord Of Lords

Praise be to His Holy Name.

I will also sing along with them.

And lift my hands up…

 Like wings to God.

It is so marvelous.

And you will feel the presence Of



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