Mommy Why

Why is the sky so blue?

Why does the flowers bloom?

The sky is blue because God wanted you to know that it is His favorite color and wanted to share it with you.  The flowers bloom to show you a new beginning of beauty and life.

Mommy how can you love us all?

Because each one of you are so different in showing your love to me.  And it so wonderful to see.

Mommy who taught you how to be a mommy?

God taught me how to be a mommy because he seen I was just for you.  Needing a lot of love and care right now…  Right here.  That special mommy love.

   I will do my very best to show you all of God’s wonderful creations.  Of the world that is so very big.  Adventure that He has in store just for you and me.  To teach you of His will for your life while here beside me.  Using our hands to make and creat dreams of hope.  Teaching you to share, to love and to forgive. 

Mommy why doe we have today?

My dear to pavé the way for tomorrow if God wills.

That is why.


That is why


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