As A Child

As a child.

We too must open our mind to learn love and understanding God’s will in our life.   You ask how?   Study a child and watch how they are around you and their playmates.  They play.  They fight.  They are learning and teaching each other how it is in their life.  They listen to us and choose whether they want to continue right or wrong in their daily living.  A child enjoys happiness in a pure way.  They see fun and good times along with adventure and experience that come their way.  They test themself and never seem to give up untill they understand. 

   Yes children of all ages is are teachers in themselves…  to us too.  We can learn much from them…  Bad or good. 

But what one lesson that is so wonderful to learn and see from them is the love that they give to us in the moment that it is needed.

A smile


Hugs & wonderful kisses

Looking straight into your eyes and telling you…



Giving you a great big hug.

To be as a child in our heart I feel would change us in many ways…

Don’t you think so?


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