Where Love Is

Where love is.

Hate cannot be.

Have you ever heard that.  I have and I realized what it met.

Like caring, giving, sharing.  When these are in one’s life…  I the heart and soul of man.  Hate can not survive.  Oh it will try. But if you see in yourself and around you what is going on.  You with God’s Holy leading can stop it.  What I am trying to explain is like when someone see these things going on. They might become jealous, start doing better for attention…  Showing off that they are great than you.  That is one example.  Loving can start a jealous envies to one who wants more… Get the picture.  Just watch around you.

Where love is.   Hate cannot Grow.

Be a gardener and pull weeds out that are not to be there.

Where love is Hate cannot grow.


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