They Are Dead

   But still they speak to us in our mind are comings and goings each day we are given.

It is so true.  It is what we remember of them. Their love and caring teaching of many things they too had learned in their life when they we’re here.  Their laughter and joy.  Comforting us in need of troubles.  Hold us so close and listening.

   Those who I speak of is Dads, moms, grandpa’s and grandma’s and many more who have gone from us to be with God.   Oh they surely will be with us in our mind of many, many rooms.  It is like when they come upon your thoughts. They are saying hello…   My daughter had said that to me.  What a wonderful thought.

And we think we are alone.  I don’t think that is true.  God has ways to comfort our mind when absents is upon us in time.  You will see of what I speak of when you do activities that they had done.  For you will remember that moment. when they we’re teaching you. of how to do certain things that you want to learn. 

   Remember them and they will remember you.

I truly believe that is what life is all about.



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