Missing Daddy

   You are so missed.  It’s like a void in my heart.  That special love for you is wondering…   Where are you?  Will my heart find you daddy?  I want to hear your heart’s beat again… Just for me.  When you held me close to your chess…  To reassure me all was well.  I want to hear your voice of singing and laughing again.  But right now that is not to be. 

Daddy I miss your eyes that say much without you speaking a word. 

Daddy you try to do your best….  I see that now.  You would teach us right and wrong in our life that we needed to know. 

Daddy I miss telling you of my success.  My down falls in my life…  What I learned from them.  Hearing you say when I failed.  You can do better.  Get up and try again.  Daddy I miss your smile.  But if I look in my mirror I can see a reflection of you in me. 

Daddy I miss you playing games as though you are so young…  Like a kid at heart. 

Daddy I do not want to hate you.  I want a daddy in my life to love and to remember good times that we had…  No more hatred.  It takes away the good  memories that we had together.

Daddy my heart is filled with so much love for you now.  I want you to know that.  I want to love my daddy always and forever.  God gave you to me.  I thank Him so  much for you.  You and I did learned so many things…  Didn’t we? 

Yes daddy I miss you. 

But my heart just knows that I will see you again.

You know why?

Because it still wants to find you.

Thank You


Written by Victoria Ann Witt (Horner)


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