The Battle

Do you have battles in your mind like me?

Good .




Do I dare.

Should I not.

My mind is going in circles.

I have no feelings.

Stay away.


You can stay.

I know what you are really saying.

I can read between the lines.

Tell the truth

I want to lie.

I don’t care.

But I do.

They will never know.

But maybe they will.

Who is this God they talk about?

What is He to me?

I don’t believe in him.

It is all His fault.

He cause these things to happen.

Leave me alone.

I don’t want to hear no more.

Leave me alone.

Is this the battle within you?  Many have it.  Many will not confess it.  Who brings this on within us? It is the devil.  The one who became jealous of God. He the devil will put so many lies in our mind…  In our soul.  Confusing us to the point of madness.  He does it to me quite allot.  But I look him face to face and realise he is wanting my soul and to do so the devil will attack our flesh and our mind.  He will encourage you and I of the things that will destroy us… Our well-being.  He will encourage us that it is ok to lie a little. You know… white lies.  Lies are lies and they are wrong.  It is ok to take what is not your’s in all thing that pertain to living; that is not your’s.  Because you deserve it.  He will put resentments in your thoughts.  Killing your flesh in your thoughts.  You know taking your precious gift of living.  Yes this is the battle I am thinking and writing about.   It comes upon me allot.  If the devil can cause all this on you and I.  Why do you blame God? Oh yes you will say God gave man the freedom to choose right or wrong.  And that is true. So therefore It is us who must make the choise.   We must realise it is us who make our life the way we want; good or bad.  Oh yes it is hard to face the truth. But this is how we grow.

Is the battle still going on in you? What will be your choise in your life?  The liar of all lies;  Who will destroy your hope and happiness.  Or will you realize the only hope of peace is in our Heavenly Father who won that battle long ago through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Yes it is our choice.

Dear Father in Heaven I come to repent of my sins.  Realizing you are the only hope of peace within.  I believe that Jesus Died for my sins.  On that rugged cross.  And rose from the grave to return to you our Heavenly Father.  Saying and promising that someday he will return to take us to our Heavenly home.  Living for ever and ever.  Thank you sweet Jesus for all that you have done for me.  Amen

The trinity of God.

God the Father

God the Son

God the Holy Spirit.



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