Have You Ever Felt So Much Love

The feeling of so much love.  Then hate begin its battle of worry, fear, jealousies of others. Bitterness against those who done us wrong.  Not wanting to forgive.  These battles in the field of our mind; our soul spirit.  Is love ever gone to win?  Can it beat all these storms in our mind and soul.  Where to begin.  Yes we could say in ourself.  But is that enough?  Is that enough to quench the thirst for the love we seek to have?  Can we give up?  What has been in our life so long.  Ever since we knew right from wrong.  When we was taught resentment, hate and anger to others in many, many ways.  Then taught to love and forgive.  Why must this be so confusing?  Do you ever feel tired in your mind?  Where is the rest?  Where is the hope?  Where can we reassure ourself of any peace?

A circle of confusion. An endless circle. Or is it?  Can something happen to cause the circle to break and become a spiral of hope.    Yes hope.   For us to reach out to the only answer.

He is …


God our Father.

God the Son.

God the Holy Spirit.

Yes many will turn away and find other ways to solve the solution of their inner self.

But How long will it last or will it destroy the most precious thing in this world…

Life of oneself.

The question again.

Have you ever felt so much love?


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