My Confession

Hello to all of you who have followed and reading my inspiring writing.

I thank you so much for you . Without you I would not continue to do so.

But I just want to stop here to let you know I too must confess to things that make me weak.


Many things I write about forgiving, not judging one another. Getting on with life.

Not looking back. That become very hard in my life also. That is why I write it to you.

I find myself in many conflicts that I face like worry, judging, stress, hurts, lusting with my eyes on others and pains.

I too must learn from that. I ask God daily to forgive me of these thing; daily. They keep creeping up. Do you find yourself having trouble like that?

That is why I write about it so much to all of you. We cannot keep that in our heart.

How in the world can we get through it? Everyday I do get that thought. How can I forgive and forget?

By ourself we cannot. Only through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can that be.

I find out I must be true to myself and only me. I cannot blame anyone else… Only me.

Face it that I am very weak in these matters. I am not perfect… No not I. I will not claim that. I sure hope I have not presented myself that way to you. I am sorry if I have been.

I just must share what I feel inside. That is how I write.

We all are struggling everyday in our life. Yes it is a battle in us. Yes it does weaken us.

Yes we try to do it on our own. But we will fail. The things of this world is only temporal… They don’t last forever. Because the flesh is so very weak.

But in us who believe in God can find the answer through Jesus’s Holy Spirit which He gave us Long ago. The Holy Spirit of God is strong, wise and has much for us to learn through God’s Holy word. The words do live in us. Jesus had said in His teaching that the path of righteousness is very narrow.. that means the good of life with God is all righteous. No sins.

No exceptions. Then Jesus said that the unrighteous path is wide. There is so much in this world that can turn one away from God. It looks so good and feels so good. But that will only be for a while. Do you understand.

We fall many time in those things that seem to want to take control. But we must get back on track. Being righteous in the will and sight of God is not easy. But If we are determine in ourself. And ament we are weak to God. He will get us through these circumstances of life that we face. He knows us better than we know ourself.

You say you have it all under control. You better stop and start being truthful to yourself.

Hiding is not a good thing to God. For He already knows what is of your life.

The fear in yourself is terrible. It will lock you in a mentle room of your mind.

God is the only hope you have in getting out of that room of fear and lies of many.

This is what happens to me.

But I go to my Father in heaven and ask for forgiveness of my weakness. To help me through the times in my life everyday. I am weak but He will continue always and forever to make me strong in spirit and in my daily walk with Him


What about you?

Are you truthful to yourself.



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