Corrective Criticism

Do not judge others.

 Many are made from all of us…

I know I have done many myself and still do.

We can continue with pointing fingers at each other.

Over and over again.

It’s like a circle that keep going around and around.

Where does it stop?

The emotion within us is about what we choose in life…

Bad or Good.

Make sure if it is to be a corrective issue to others.

That you will be qualified to do so…

You know; correcting someone with their faults.

Make sure you are not doing the same

or have things to correct in your life..

You know the speck in one’s eye.

There is still allot to learn in life.

I was told a long time ago by someone

who too had to learn of many things.

that when you are told of somethings  that is not right.

Take it as a.

Corrective Criticism.


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