The Two Edge Sword

In my life right now. I find that there are many choices to make.

I want to make good choices. But being human I do make mistakes.

None of us are perphect. I do alot of searching in my soul. Many times I think of going in ways that are not fitting to do; everyone to his own as they say. But me I am learning of myself in regards of what is right and wrong. We all must go through this in our life. Yes it can be hard; very hard. But with me I had made my mind up of what I want to be in my life now… today. Not perfect or goody, goody two shoes. I just want to be what I am capable of… ME.  Man I found out allot in myself. Some good and some bad. I started to become afraid of what I was finding. I plane just wanted to turn away. I was becoming afraid of all I was finding in myself. It was like a two edges sword piercing my soul. Very deep it went into things that needed to be changed and forgotten. It has and will continued to take a long time in my life to become that which I strive to be… The real me. Not that of what others want me to be. But me. I have a purpose. And I am needed in this world of today. Which seems to be broken and shattered in many pieces. Will the two edge sword continue to go on in piercing many more who want to face the value of their purpose in life today.

Remember you are not a mistake.

For Jesus loves you and always will.



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