Lets Face It – A new beginning

Lets face it.

We have a lot of problems.

We have wars and rumors of wars.

Nature is really showing age.

Life isn’t important as it should be.

Hate is coming on us as a sickness of the mind.

Hunger is upon us all.

Lack of caring is effecting us all.

Bitterness, depression, oppression

has become the power over us.

Let us face it and accept the truth.

What can be done?

I feel in myself we must change the way we think.

You know the hardness of our heart.

The ear that won’t hear the truth…

and face that we must not be a stumbling block

 or a knife that cuts into the soul of others to

cause corruption of the mind.

We have planted a bad seed.

Lets just face it.

We have cause all these problems.

But we can change and be a better person.

Someone who cares about all that is happening around

the world today.

Lets just face it and be trueful ourself. That we’ve been wrong.

And start making a different for all our life today. 

Lets just face that we have been all wrong and

we must make it right while there is time.

January 29, 2016



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